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Being against SJW’s does not mean being against social justice.

It means being against:

  • invalidating opinions and personal problems based on privilege, whether actual or presumed;
  • automatically assuming that privileged people have perfect lives and therefore have no right to complain about anything;
  • automatically assuming that anyone who disagrees with you is white/cishet/male;
  • ostracizing those who do not have exactly the same opinions as you;
  • ignoring genuine oppression in favor of exaggerating and even fabricating issues;
  • taking opposing viewpoints and blatantly distorting them in attempt to prove your (so-called) moral superiority;
  • declaring everything and anything offensive, especially when no offense is warranted;
  • finding fault with every single aspect of society, and never saying anything positive;
  • glorifying apathy and cynicism while mocking optimism and ambition;
  • blindly conforming to others’ opinions without question or hesitation;
  • stating your opinions as if they were facts;
  • resorting to vicious personal attacks when the flaws in your argument are pointed out;
  • vociferously opposing bullying and prejudice while simultaneously bullying and judging those who think differently than you do;
  • and finally—perhaps the most inexcusable of all—inciting hatred under the guise of equality, tolerance, and justice.

You have no right to call what you are doing “social justice.” Instead of addressing the real inequality and oppression that our society perpetuates, you are seeking attention and searching for things to be offended by. This solves absolutely nothing and is completely counter-productive to bettering the world we live in.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.


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